How do I join the Freemasons?

So, you're interested in learning about becoming a Freemason here in the State of Florida, this page will provide you will definitive information including all of the requirements. If you have any additional questions you can call the 24 hour Florida Freemasons hotline at 1-855-356-2766, please note this phone number is for inquiring about joining the Florida Freemasons, it DOES NOT go to the office of the Grand Lodge of Florida. To contact Grand Lodge call 1-904-354-2339 during normal office hours.

● First, the petitioner must contact a local Masonic lodge either by phone or email to arrange to meet with the an officer of the lodge to discuss the Three Degrees of Freemasonry. Freemasons are not permitted under Florida Masonic law to approach or discuss with a non-Mason about joining the craft.

● Second, you must be a man

● Third, you must be of lawful age, in the State of Florida this is 18 years of age.

● Fourth, You must be freeborn.

● Fifth, You must be willing to join the Masonic lodge of your own free will and accord.

● Sixth, You must believe in a supreme being. While Freemasonry itself is NOT a religion NOR are we a religious organization we do require that all petitioners believe in a higher deity. Any man who considers themself an Atheist or Agnostic cannot petition for the Three Degrees of Freemasonry.

● Seventh, you must receive a recommendation from two existing Florida Freemasons whose membership is at the lodge where you are petitioning for the three degrees of Freemasonry.

● Eighth, No criminal record. Petitioners who are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime are automatically disqualified from petitioning at any of the Florida Masonic lodge in perpetuity. The Grand Lodge of Florida will conduct a mandatory criminal background check. The lodge that your petitioning will require you to pay for the background check. This fee is mandatory and non-refundable.

Once your petition is submitted for the Three Degrees of Freemasonry along with the required fees, it is a good idea to let the Brothers of the lodge know who you are, the Worshipful Master, Secretary or one of the officers of the lodge should invite you to a meal usually before a Stated Communication, please be aware that you will not be allowed to attend a Stated Communication yet or you may be invited to a lodge event where you can introduce yourself to the all of the lodge Brothers and put yourself and them at ease, don't be a motormouth, don't give them your entire life story, just listen and ask questions about the lodge and what you should expect during the degree work and when you become a Master Mason what you will need to do as a Brother and hopefully as a future lodge officer.
    Please read this important information: Before you proceed to inquire and submit your petition for the three degrees of Freemasonry please affirm that you understand all of the obligations to the craft, this includes but is not limited to regular attendance at a monthly Stated or Called Communication, degree work, the payment of all required fees including initiation fees, degree fees and the mandatory background investigation fee, yearly lodge dues and the Grand Lodge per-capita. All fees will vary by each lodge in the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida.

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