Policies For Website Indexing and Archiving (Updated 06/01/2023)

This page was updated on June 1, 2022 by the Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc. and it outlines our policies regarding the indexing of this website by Internet search engines and website archiving services. These policies are subject to change, we will post a notice of these changes to the main page of our website. By your use of this website you agree in perpetutity to abide by these policies.

Our Website Indexing Policy

Internet search engines both foreign and domestic including but not limited to AOL, Ask.com, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google and Yahoo! etc... their employees and automated bots are hereby granted limited permission to access our site for the sole purpose of conducting the indexing of our pages so that those pages may be included in the search engine results within normal reason. Employees and/or the automated bots of a search engine which displays abusive behavior which may be detrimental to the operation of this website such as crawling our site at high speeds, changing our "robots.txt" file to ignore or modify the current settings, attempting to access restricted areas such as control panels, folders and/or files that control the operation of this website which are password protected or otherwise locked and/or an attempt to reverse-engineer any part of this website will be permanently banned.

Additionally, search engines when indexing our site are strictly prohibited from creating an archived version of this site (This includes a permanent or temporary "cache"). Any and all search engines including their bots which have been found to be creating archives of this site without the express written permission of the website owner will be permanently banned.

Our website uses a robots.txt file to control access by User-agent, bots, crawlers and spiders. By using and engaging this website using one of the aforementioned devices you agree in perpetuity to obey all robots.txt commands which includes Allow and Disallow, failure to obey these commands will result in your device and the IP addresses they originate from being permanently banned from our website.

Our Website Archiving Policy

The owner of this website, The Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc. (herein "Master Mason Association"), a 501(c)3 not for profit Florida corporation, its staff as well as the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masonsin the State of Florida of which the 21st Masonic District and the "Master Mason Association" are under the jurisdiction of takes copyright and trademark infringement seriously and we will vigorously enforce the protection of any and all copyrights and trademarks that we own and/or are licensed to use under the copyright and trademark laws in the State of Florida and the United States of America, therefore we have created the following policies regarding the archving of our website.

Offline and online services including but not limited to Archive.is, DomainTools.com, iTools.com, Page Freezer, Screenshots.com, 
Stillio Automatic Screenshots, The Internet Archive which includes their Wayback Machine service, Yubnub and other such services are hereby permanently restrained and prohibited from using our website for the purpose of collecting or archiving data and media such as audio and videos, graphics, photographs and information related to our servers and WHOIS information. Any archiving service which is found to be conducting archiving on our site will be permanently banned and subject to legal action including but not limited to Copyright and/or Trademark Infringement under United States law.

Internet archiving services are advised that if you have made archives of this website you are hereby instructed to immediately and forthwidth permanently delete such archives from your services including any and all backup services. Upon deletion you are to advise the owner of this website via email and its physical address by registered mail of your compliance.