Our Privacy Policy (Updated 06/01/2023)

What information do we collect?

The 21st Masonic District website uses Statcounter which confidentially collects the following analytics information when you visit our website, this information is used by our IT team to make improvements, our security team to prevent abuse and to analyze our system security and provide a better visitors experience.

● The name of your Internet Service Provider     ● Your OS Javascript enabled/disabled
● Your current ISP assigned IP address              ● Date and time of your visit to our website
● Your city/province, state and country                ● Pages you visited on our website
● Computer operating system and version          ● Referring URL address (if any)
● Type of web browser currently being used       ● Number of return visits to our website
● Your monitor's resolution information                ● Website that you exited to (if any)

If you wish to visit our site anonymously you can change the privacy settings in your browser.

Website Security and protection of your information

Access to our website and subdomains using our assigned network servers is always through a secured and encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate issued by a Google affiliated Certificate Authority (CA). A closed padlock next to our URL address indicates that any information you transmit between your computer and our website is 100% secure. An open padlock or no padlock next to our URL address indicates that our website is not secure and you should immediately cease accessing and transmitting any information to our website. Please email networkops@21stmasonicdistrict.com immediately to report any security deficiencies.

All data transmitted and stored on this website through our web hosting service or through any of our third party service providers is secure and accessible only by persons who have been authorized by the Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc., this includes administrators, network and technical operations and network security personnel. Anyone whose access has been terminated either voluntarily or for cause will no longer have any access to this website, its servers or any of the data contained therein, additionally they are bounded by a strict non-disclosure agreement that remains in effect in perpetuity.

The use of cookies and web beacons on our website

Site Cookies -

In conjunction with the online services used by this website including the web hosting provided by Blogger and its related services through their parent company Google, when you visit our website an electronic cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device to help personalize your experience, these cookies can be deleted by going into your browser's settings and selecting to delete All Browsing History and Cookies.

The following Google services are utilized for delivery of our website content to your browser and to provide storage of such content and media for our website... Album Archives, Blogger, Blogger Video, CDN, Drive, Photos, Sites and YouTube. These Google services may also delivery to your Internet browser their own Cookies and web beacons which have a separate and independent Privacy and Terms of Use policies.

Web Beacons -

We use Web Beacons to collect Browser Insight and/or Network to Network data. they originate from our CDN Google and/or our third party service provider. They may be subject to temporary and/or permanent termination at anytime by us, our CDN and/or our third party service provider without any prior notification.

If you wish to visit our site anonymously you can change the privacy settings in your browser.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties

The Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc., a Florida Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation maintains a non-disclosure policy and will not release any confidential information including our website system, network or analytics data except under the direction of a court order or warrant delivered by an authorized law enforcement agent to our designated legal agent or when we believe that it is appropriate to release such information because of a life and death situation, or an imminent threat against the association, its staff, officers, executive board or association members requiring immediate law enforcement intervention.

Third party links

At our sole discretion, the Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc., may include links to or embed media from third party websites which are Masonic related, these website maintain their own separate and independent Privacy and Terms of Use policies unrelated to this website. We welcome any and all feedback related the the inclusion of links and embedded media which are featured on our website.

Children Online

The Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc. website compiles with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (15 U.S. Code § 6501). You must be at least Thirteen (13) years of age or older in order to access this website and by accessing this website you confirm that you meet the minimum age requirements as set forth by the COPPA law and that you consent to all of the privacy and terms of use policies contact on this website. If you are under the required minimum age as set forth by the COPPA law you must immediately and forthwith leave this website, clear your browser and cookies to prevent unauthorized disclosure. The Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, its officers, Board of Directors, Association Members and website staff are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for the unauthorized access to this website and we are held without liability and harmless in perpetuity.

Online Privacy Policy Only

The online privacy policies created by the Master Mason Association of the 21st Masonic District, Inc. applies only to the information collected through this website online and not in any other manner including offline.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our 21st Masonic District Privacy Policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If changes to our privacy policy are made, we will update the Privacy Policy modification date below. This policy was last modified on June 1, 2023.

Contacting Us

Questions regarding this privacy policy may be directed to Bro. Rick Schwarz, 21st Masonic District Website Privacy Officer via email privacyofficer@21stmasonicdistrict.com.