Monday, June 17, 2019

Enter the secret world of the Freemasons

In December 2013 CBS Sunday Morning did an excellent and in-depth report about Freemasonry explaining what it is and what it is not. The report also takes a look inside of the Grand Lodge of New York and includes an interview with the M:.W:. James Sullivan, who served in 2012-13 as New York's Grand Master and Margaret Jacob, a leading expert on Freemasonry, Jacob is also a Professor of History at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). If you are visiting this website and are not a Freemason but would like to know more about our fraternity email and we'll ne glad to speak to you and provide further details.

The embedded video that is show is from the official CBS Sunday Morning YouTube channel who is fully credited and has been posted here with the permission of the District Deputy Grand Master of the 21st Masonic District of Florida.

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