Thursday, July 25, 2019

Accessing this site... There is nothing wrong with your internet


I want to thank you all for contacting me via email or Facebook PM to let me know that the district website is down, but it actually is not, Our website provider Blogger which allows the use of custom domains addresses in addition to the standard * address has one flaw... they do not currently support the use of naked domains i.e. so if you try to access our website using the naked domain you will receive a error messages "Site Does Not Exist" or "DNS could not be found".

In order to access this site you must use so please bookmark this address so that you won't have problems access our site in the future.

I'll be contacting Blogger support and also speaking to our domain registrar later today to see if there is some sort of a work-around to this problem.

Bro. Rick Schwarz, Website Administrator

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