Sunday, August 18, 2019

Inter-Jurisdictional contact with another Grand Jurisdiction

A couple of months ago while I was on vacation I met two Masonic brothers, we got talking and the conversation switched over to their families and how they would both love to find out more about their Masonic roots but they were confused about the exact procedure here in the State of Florida to make proper contact with another Masonic Jurisdiction. I told them I didn't have an answer but I'd look it up and let them know.

After consulting the Masonic Digest of Law on the Grand Lodge of Florida's website I found the answer, in Chapter 15, Section 15.01 it states "All Inter-Jurisdictional correspondence shall be sent through the office of the Grand Master, except that requests for “Work by Courtesy” to and from other Grand Jurisdictions may be made through the office of the Grand Secretary." So basically what this is saying unless your a member in good standing of the Masonic jurisdiction that you wish to contact it is against Masonic protocol here in Florida to contact that Grand Jurisdiction directly.

If you need to establish contact with another jurisdiction please call the Grand Lodge office at 1-904-354-2339 to request instructions on sending your request to the Grand Master and/or the Grand Secretary.

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