Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Bowling Green No. 121 and Fort Meade No. 160 Merger

Brethren, be advised that as of last night Bowling Green Lodge No. 121 and Fort Meade Lodge No. 160 have formally consummated the merger of the two lodges. Fort Meade is the surviving lodge and all future Stated and Called Communications as well as lodge events will be held at the Fort Meade Masonic temple located at 19 6th Street NW in Fort Meade. The Worshipful Master is W:. Larry Whitchard Sr. and the lodge Secretary is R:.W:. Arthur "Gary" Cavanaugh.

If you have any questions please contact W:. Whitchard at 863-528-3339 or R:.W:. Cavanaugh at 863-285-6336.

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