Thursday, December 24, 2020

Letter from the MLT Chairman Regarding Installation

Dear Brother Secretary,

As a reminder since installations are coming soon, but according to the Digest of Masonic Law:

19.03.3 Every Brother who is nominated and elected to the office of Junior Warden of any Particular Lodge shall have completed the Masonic Leadership Training and his completion be recorded on his profile at Grand Lodge before his installation to that office. This shall be done by January 2021 in order to provide time to accomplish compliance with this Regulation. (2019)

Since this training is a requirement, and that your Junior Warden (elect) must have this completed prior to installation, as the State Chairman for MLT I feel it is imperative to assist in any way possible. I request that you verify that his Masonic Record shows that he has completed this requirement. If he does not have it, or if he needs additional classes to complete his MLT,  I am available to help.  If he has completed the training, but not received his certificate, or it isn't recorded, please feel free to reach out to me as soon as possible, and I can assist him.  I can be contacted directly at 1-352-804-3981 or by email

We have held many classes throughout the State to accommodate this requirement, live classes as well as Zoom Workshops. If we know where the problem is we can help get it corrected so everyone can be in compliance. We are planning on a few more Zoom Workshops so there is still time.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Ernest William Catsulis, Jr., State Chairman Masonic Leadership Program