Sunday, March 14, 2021

Website Updates


With the merger of Bowling Green Lodge No. 121 and Fort Meade Lodge No. 160 in December 2020 Bowling Green's info page ( now automatically redirects to the Fort Meade Lodge No. 160's info page (

Our contact information page for this website and the Master Mason Association has been changed, it now contains more detailed information to include our snail mail address, our telephone number and our email contact information, as a result our old contact page now automatically goes to the new page located at

Recently the images on our website may appear to be missing or deleted replaced with a grey circle with a white dash in the center, be assured that NO images have been deleted from this site our website hosting provider is experiencing some technical issues with their servers, We've been in contact with them and are working on a fix, in the meantime if you notice any images that appear to be missing from our site please immediately contact us at