Thursday, April 22, 2021

Spoofed / Fraudulent Email

An important message has been sent out by Grand Lodge regarding a fraudulent email sent out using the Grand Master's name and email address. This is for your information, if you receive such an email immediately delete it and contact Grand Lodge.

The Grand Master's email has been spoofed/spammed. If you receive the email below or one similar, do not respond and do not send any money or gift cards. This is a SCAM. Please note that the Grand Master's Email signature will have the Grand Lodge Seal and will not include an individual District. Always look at the senders email. As seen below this was definitely not sent by the Grand Master.

From: Thomas Turlington Jr. <email address removed>
Hello Nelson

Are you available to assist? I am quite unavailable now and I've got credence in you to take care of this. 
26th MASONIC DISTRICT need some gift cards for donation to Veterans at Hospice and Palliative care units for preventive items from Corona Disease (COVID-19). I am liable for reimbursement. Need more info?


M:.W:. Thomas L. Turlington, Jr
Grand Master

Address and City removed

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