Thursday, January 13, 2022

Important Reminder From Winter Haven Lodge No. 186

Please note at the request of W:. Dennis Wind, incoming Worshipful Master at Winter Haven Lodge No. 186 I'm reposting the message from on January 5th regarding the Installation of Officers.


For the first time in many, many years the Installation of Winter Haven officers will be CLOSED. In an abundance of caution due to the increasing number of COVID cases, the lodge building will be closed to all but our Winter Haven No. 186 Masons, our Honorary Masons and current Grand Officer Masons. There will be no guests allowed. If you do not feel well, have been exposed to or show symptoms of COVID please stay home and get well. 

The agenda for Saturday's Stated/Installation meeting is as follows:

1) 8:15am close the 2021 funeral lodge.
2) 9:00am open the lodge as normal. VERY brief business to pay bills. Put the lodge at ease.
3) 9:00am coffee and pastry before Installation
4) 10:00am Installation... White jacket, tie, dark pants
5) 11:00am Bring the lodge back to labor. VERY short (I hope) business meeting to discuss the lodge renovation, close the lodge.
6) 11:30am Open the funeral lodge for 2022, put it at ease for the year. 

Please note the times are tentative and subject to change as the morning events take place. 

W: Jerry Haynie, Worshipful Master, Winter Haven Lodge No. 186

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