Thursday, March 17, 2022

Wauchula Lodge No. 17 Silver Tower Award

During a Fellowcraft degree, while we were waiting on the candidates to return, the members of Wauchula Lodge No. 17 took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions a fellow brother who has made it to our lodge for the last three years. Pictured below is Bro. Thomas Boardman (center) of LaBelle Lodge and flanked by W:. Dan Lackey (left) and S:.W:. Paul Allen Crothers (right and the nights degree master) of Wauchula Lodge No. 17, was honored with a first ever “Silver Tower” award. Whenever we have asked him, this Brother hops in his car and drives two hours to us and has delivered almost all of our degree lectures for the last three years in a superb fashion. He is dedication to the Craft at its finest! I’d also like to acknowledge another Brother who had a hand in this award. Bro. Patrick Tessier of Orange Park Lodge made the sculpted water tower and shipped it to me on his own dime. This is another Brother who selflessly serves the Craft by helping others, even a whole lodge, to help honor another deserving Brother. Well done to them both.

Image courtesy of the Wauchula Lodge No. 17 Facebook page.

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