Monday, May 2, 2022

Entered Apprentice Degree at Lakeland Lodge No. 91

On Saturday (April 30th), five new Brothers from three different lodges were initiated as Entered Apprentices at Lakeland Lodge No. 91. Pictured with the Degree team from left to right are:  Front Row: Bro, Nathan G. Calzat, of Kathleen Lodge No. 338, Bro. Seth Tillman, of Travelers Lodge No. 390,  Bro. Joshua Johnson, Bro. Neftali Mendoza, Bro. Russell King of Lakeland Lodge No. 91 and W:. John Purvis, Chaplain. Back Row: Degree Team Members: Bro. Joseph Meeker, Bro. Ryan Greiner, R.W. C. Pearce Dreadin, D.D.G.M., Bro. Greg Riddell, Bro. William Nelson, R.W. Bill Doolin, P.D.D.G.M., W:. Jason Harper, W:.M:.,  Bro. Troy Stone and Bro. Martin Restrepo.

Congratulations Brothers.

Image courtesy of Lakeland Lodge No. 91 F. & A. M. Facebook page

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