Thursday, May 12, 2022

Entered Apprentice Degree at Wauchula Lodge No. 17

Good evening my Brothers,

How do you add more meaning to an Entered Apprentice Degree than there already is? by having two historic "Firsts" to go with it, that's how. On May 9th Messrs. Ryan Thomas and Michael Watson became the fifth and sixth men we have Initiated this year. What makes this one so special is that for the first time in a rather looonng time, we were able to completely do it on our own, with our own members, without any outside assistance from other Lodges with the sole exception being that of the lecturer. Every place and station was filled by a member of our Lodge. The 1st historical "first" was three of the chairs were occupied by current Fellowcrafts (Senior and Junior Steward and the Chaplain) who are to be Raised in just a matter of days (May 21st). Fellowcraft Bro.'s David Johnson, Kelian Burtz and Bobby Calves really stepped up and stepped in to help welcome not only two new Brothers and show how Masons love one another but it helped that they have also known each other out in the world for a while. The Second "first" was when Entered Apprentice Bro. Michael Watson was Initiated. He broke a barrier that has existed for over 134 years within our Lodge. However, don't get this twisted, he wasn't Initiated for solely and only for this reason. It is just a distinction he will now have forever as being the "1st One". More will follow, I'm am sure of it. It's not the outward appearance of the man that concerns us but the inward one that we embrace and we have found him worthy and an upright and just man and we welcome him and Bro. Ryan Thomas as Brothers and will help them to grow in Masonry as their journey progresses. In the picture below, front row from left to right, is Fellowcraft Bro. Bobby Calves (Chaplain), Entered Apprentice Bro. Ryan Thomas (newest Entered Apprentice), Bob Leafgreen (Tyler), Entered Apprentice Bro. Michael Watson (newest Entered Apprentice). Fellowcraft Bro. Kelian Burtz (Junior Steward) and Fellowcraft Bro. David Johnson (Senior Steward). In the back row, from left to right, is W:.M:. Danny Lackey (Senior Deacon), Bro. Wade Sperry (2nd Conductor). R:.W:. Scott Johnson (Senior Warden), Bro. Paul Crothers (Degree Master), P:.M:. Bro. Ean Eddy (Secretary), Bro. Brett Dowden (Junior Warden) and Bro. Jacob Laughlin (Junior Deacon). The guest lecturer was R:.W:. Phil Dixon of Lake Wales Lodge No. 242 and the Charge was delivered by R:.W:. Scott Johnson. I have to say, for a young Lodge degree team, we smashed this one out of the park particularly since this was the first time doing a degree for the Fellowcrafts They did an excellent job and it looked like they had done this before. WELL DONE WAUCHULA LODGE No. 17!!! We're definitely moving in the right direction now. Given a little more time, we'll be able to do all of our own degrees including Lectures. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

W:. Danny Lackey, Worshipful Master Wauchula Lodge No. 17

Image courtesy of R:.W:. Phil Dixon, Lake Wales Lodge No. 242

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