Sunday, November 14, 2021

Lake Wales Past Masters and 50th Anniversary Presentation

Yesterday morning Lake Wales Lodge No. 242 held its first Stated Communication of the month where they served a hearty breakfast to the brothers in the dining room and then convened the Stated Communication at 9:00am where all of the Past Masters of the lodge were called to take seats West of the alter, W:. Perry Batson then presented each of the Past Masters with a Past Master's pin and plaque. After returning to the East W:. Batson requested the Senior Deacon W:. Jacob Clifton to escort W:. William Barker a Past Master to the East, Lodge Secretary R:.W:. Greg Fisher, then read W:. Barker's Masonic Record and W:. Batson presented W:. Barker with his 50 year pin and certificate.

Image courtesy of Bro. Rick Schwarz

Image courtesy of Bro. Rick Schwarz

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